In Memory of Clara
Beyond the Rainbow

There is a place where Bassets play
Beyond the rainbow so they say.
A glorious place filled with delight
Where tears are no more and everything's right.
Where the loving arms of the Master hold
Those sweet Bassets that will never grow old.
Just the other side of heaven's gates
In the field of clouds and golden lakes.
Ken Johnson

The Farm Manager

Clara's Life Story
She Stole My Heart!

Many years ago I was looking to buy a Basset Hound puppy. I came in contact with a breeder who was planning a litter but then she told me about a young Basset girl called Clara now living at her kennels. Clara was 14 months old and had already had five "homes" but she was looking for a Foreverhome. Since I was going in her direction and I decided to come meet her and Clara.

When I knocked on their door, it flew open and a white dog ran out the door in a flash with a human chasing her. He caught her and led us all into a huge kitchen with three other dogs and we promptly ended up on the floor greeting them all. The white flash came crawling up on my lap, put her head on my arm, gave me The Look and fell asleep. At that very moment, Clara stole my heart! The kennel owner was amazed, because Clara was usually a bit scared of people, especially strangers but I was totally in love. I knew Clara belonged in my life.

Frenzied telephone calls started between me and Clara's owner while I was still on the floor with Clara on my lap. After several hours, everything was settled. I placed Clara in my car and we took the six hour drive home.

She quickly fell in love with my other dogs at the time an old German Shepherd named Bella and Tasha (ATB) my first Basset Hound. Clara just loved coming to a farm. She explored everything with an eager nose. A newborn lamb, rabbits, horses and the dung pile were new and fabulous smells to her plus she slowly learned to love people too.

Poor Clara had had a hard life. She was scared of everything loud, waving arms, high voices, rolled up newspapers, fly swatters, leashes and pretty much everything else. She would curl over on her back and pee herself at any "threat". Worst of all she was dead scared of anyone touching her ears. If I touched one ear, she would roll over and shake like a leaf. If I touched both ears at the same time she would pee herself while lying on her back. The poor girl had been badly abused.

It took many months of Tender Loving Care before Clara finally realized that ear rubs and belly rubs felt GOOD and from that moment she never let anyone get away with not rubbing her on the GOOD SPOTS.

Clara became queen of the household. She raised my three Basset boys, Ben, Billy and Ludvig plus taught my cat Laban how to be a proper Basset Hound too. She loved to run free in the fields, sniffing all the deer tracks. Clara soon gave herself a job, Farm Manager. It consisted of supervising everything that went on at the farm such as making sure the horses got fed and watered, she quality tasted all the food the rabbits and chickens got and she thoroughly checked all flower beds on a regular basis. Every night Clara would do her Grooming Rounds on the boys, cleaning ears, cheek folds and noses .

Clara considered herself every ones protector whether it was people or animals. She would care for and protect anyone in pain including heartaches. She would stay by their side even if she was scared herself.

During autumn or winter nights she would eagerly watch me put more wood on the fire, light a zillion candles and then make something good to eat. We would snuggle up close on lots of soft pillows and blankets while I read a good book and stroked Clara.

One night, her heart gave in. She left me in the same way she found me, crawling up on my lap, looking up in my eyes, placing her tired head on my arm and she fell asleep and woke up at the Bridge.

Good bye for now good friend. We will meet at The Bridge one day.

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