When Tina first came to Animal Crackers she clicked on the link on the left.

     Tina said, "I was totally unprepared for the Howling Chorus the site started in my house."

     "Hoover and Dolly started it and my 4 Bassets threw themselves from the sofa and joined in!"

     Tina was able to get a couple film clips of her gang doing the Basset Howl Blues.

     Just click on the links below to hear them.

     No need to understand Norwegian since the songs are sung in the pure Basset dialect.

Note: Both of these video clips are 8mb so depending on your system they may take a while to download.


     The videoclip was taken while playing Hoover enjoying the bed. Ludvig does the same thing, but on the floor while chewing on Haralds socks.