Ben's Amazing Memory

     Last July while alone in the house Ben counter surfed himself a huge ham which he shared with the rest of the guys. Within no time they had reduced that gorgeous ham hock down to one humongous ham bone just as Mom pulled up to the house.

     He quickly ran and dug a hole for the bone so there would be no evidence of the crime.

     When Mom saw the empty tray where there had been Sunday dinner she called all the guys in and asked about it but no one would tell Mom about the little snack they had.

     Yesterday as the snow started the guys were reminiscing about last summer and Clara brought up the ham and Ben suddenly remembered about the bone.

     "Hey guys", he howled, "There was a bone left. Let's go get it".

     He bounded out into the snow filled yard and since the summer landmarks were obliterated by a cover of snow he couldn't quite place where he had buried it.

     The rest of the afternoon was spent playing Ham Bone Finders Keepers. It was never found but they had fun trying.